Saturday, 10 March 2012

New Beginning

So, when I heard that it's a good idea for a writer to have a blog these days, I freaked a little. 'What do I know about blogging?', I said, having not had a blog in years.

But why not? Maybe, I thought, it would help me get out of this writing slump I'm in, forcing me to update and at least consider what it is I'm supposed to be doing here - this great old behemoth that is the bohemian life. Yes, readers, I am in a bit of a writing slump and I have been for a year. What a surprise - a struggling writer. In this time I've written a few flash pieces and one short story, but what I'm really supposed to be doing is writing a novel.

I have a novel in progress - it's called Lucian (working title), it's a YA Fantasy novel, and currently stands at 66,620 words. Many of these were written during one year's successful NaNoWriMo (that's National Novel Writing Month for those not in the know), but after that I completely slowed down. Now it's at a standstill, and that's really starting to get me down.

So, perhaps having a blog will help. I can get my thoughts out, ramble a little, bore you all half to death. But maybe, just maybe, I'll find a spark, and that spark will grow and grow until at last I will be thundering through the final 40,000 words of the novel and have a finished manuscript.

Those of you who know me, please, pester me to update this if I start to neglect it? And even if this doesn't help with Lucian, it will be a place to keep my ideas, even just to post the little things that I probably will never publish but which I like enough not to delete.

Signing off, then. I'll update this when I have something to say, whether it's about the novel or just something that's inspired me.



  1. You will regret saying that, I will indeed pester you if I start to notice a lack of bloggage from yourself. I think this blog idea is the way forward for you and your development. It will be really interesting to hear of your ideas, that may or may not turn into something on paper! Awesome-o!!!! :)

    1. Please do pester me, Gem! I will appreciate the pestering.

  2. The Pestering Posse thickens. Huzzah for new endeavors! Also glad to know that you are a fellow WriMo - yet another layer of writingness with which to pester you. :D

    Would also like to hear about Lucian, and what that entails...

    1. Huzzah! I'm liking the idea of this 'Pestering Posse' of which you speak. I am a fellow WriMo, yes, though have been very bad since 2009 and not really bothered with it. This year will be different!

      I'd love to tell you about Lucian sometime. Thank you. I need to finish that damned thing before I'm driven mad...

  3. Blogging is easy writing. Which is great. You can conjure up more ideas by surprise and report every day events as short stories. Good practise.

    Novel writing is difficult. You don't need me to tell you that. I should really get back on mine.

    It's a pity you're not in Leicester this weekend. There's States of Independence day at De Montfort University and there's a talk on horror for all ages.

    The best way for a blog is to update two to three times a week. Go for it!

    1. Thanks Chris. I'll at least be updating once a week so as not to over-saturate anyone's feeds, but will update more than that if I have something that I particularly want to blog about. I have a few ideas for upcoming articles, at least =)