Thursday, 6 December 2012

Words of Encouragement

Well, what do you know, another delayed update.

I didn't make my self-imposed deadline, unfortunately. It's a shame, but for a very good reason - after months of unemployment (and thus being able to sit and write full-time), I got a full time Christmas job working at Head - a local record, CD and DVD store. I simply haven't had the time to dedicate myself to the novel. I have, I'm pleased to say, been writing on most of my lunchbreaks lately and I'm currently sitting on 95,525 words.

It's tough to say how close I am to the end. The duration of the final 'battle' is a little uncertain, and it's supposed to take place over the course of a night, so how long the scene itself will be is unclear. I won't know until I start writing it, in other words. I'm so close though, so it could be 110,000 as planned, or 120,000. When it's done, it's done.

It's going pretty well though. There's one or two scenes I'm looking forward to writing in particular. I'm nervous about the love scene I have to write (not erotic, focused on the emotions), but I ran part of it past a very good friend of mine, and she seemed to like it. So, that's something!

My main reason for this entry was to reblog a video from Neil Gaiman (who, many of you will know, is my writer hero). In it, a fan tells Neil how she has been told there are 'too many artists in the world', and she shouldn't pursue her dream of becoming a director. I'll type Neil's response here directly.

'Saying that we have enough artists is like saying we have enough scientists, we have enough designers, we have enough politicians ... but, you know, nobody gets to be you except you, nobody has your point of view except you; nobody gets to bring to the world the things that you get to bring to the world uniquely ... except you. So saying there are enough writers out there, enough directors out there, enough people with points of view, well yeah there are, but, none of them are you. And none of ... those people is [sic] going to make the art that you will make, none of them will change people, and change the world, in the way that you could change it. So ... if you believe some who says 'No, no, we've got enough of those, then all it means is you're giving up your chance to change the world in the way that only you could change it.'
This might just be my love of Neil Gaiman and his work talking, but, this is one of the most inspiring things I've heard in a while. Yes, Mr Gaiman. You're right.

I have a few ideas for upcoming entries, but for now, thanks for reading everyone.


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