Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Fantasy Faction Contest

Hey everyone,

Just a short update for now. I've just submitted my short story 'The Keeper of Tales' to the Fantasy Faction Anthology Competition. I'm immensely proud of the story (though I wouldn't be a writer if I didn't hate it a little as well), so I really hope I win.

The great part is, they have an 'entry plus' option. While the entry itself is free, for £7 you receive a full critique of your story by one of the judges, including what they liked, what they didn't, and what to work on as a writer. For the cost of a few cups of coffee this will be invaluable!

For those who don't know, 'The Keeper of Tales' is a fantasy/horror story taking place at the turn of the 1800s. Two brothers, both writers of children's folk tales, seek to bury the body of a woman in the haunted, snowy woods of Germany. But this is no ordinary body, and as we learn the identity of the brothers we come face to face with not only what caused them to commit this terrible crime, but what it means to be a storyteller.

Should I win, the story will be published in the upcoming Fantasy Faction Anthology, along with 5 other unknown writers and several known writers. As such there will be six winners all in all - all six winners will not only be published in the anthology but will receive a glass award to commemorate the achievement. The top three winners will also receive a cash prize.

First Place - $500
Second Place - £250
Third Place - $100

So, here's hoping. Do check out the website, feel free to enter, and as usual thanks for reading!



  1. Everything crossed for you! Love the sound of the story too, sounds like a good read!

    1. Thank you =) seems the winners will be notified by the beginning of August or thereabouts, so not too long to wait! They received around 1800 entries.

  2. Been reading through the competition site, seems really exciting, good luck mate!

    1. Thanks man! Yeah, great wee competition. Here's hoping.

  3. bonjourno. I want to read your story now! Hmmm....submissions are open for three more days and I *do* happen to have a creepy story hanging around doing nothing. Thing is though is that there's crows in it & they're a bit clichéd, no?

    Are you on red lemonade or scribophile, btw?

    1. Haha, thank you =) Sorry I didn't get back to you, did you enter the story? And...crows? Cliched? You say this to the guy with the raven-covered blog? ;) nothing cliched about crows though, they're carrion birds. They're right at home in a horror story.

      Red Lemonade/Scribophile...? I have no clue what these things are...social networking sites for writers I'm guessing?